Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Four days trip to Italy.

The view from the apartment balcony. Alghero, Sardinia, Italy.
Just got home from the Italia trip with my family. Photos in this post is taken with my cell phone, cause I just shot film. I will have the rolls developed in a couple of weeks. Think I got some keepers. But as they say: You'll never now before you see the negatives. This post will mostly contain a summary of what we did day to day.

The departure day.
A three hour flight down to Alghero, Italy. The plane landed 9.30 pm, 25 minutes before schedule :) We picked up the rental car (a nice little Lancia), and drove in to the city (10 minutes) to start looking for the apartment. We struggled a bit, but after about 15 minutes of driving around the blocks we finally found it. Even at this hour, the owners was waiting outside the building, to welcome us, and help us with our luggage. Very nice people. The place we stayed was called "Appartementi Sole". At Via Lido, Alghero. Here's a link: http://www.alghero-appartamentisole.com

Day 1.
I was up 8.30 am this morning. My father and sister went out to by some food for breakfast. The bread was so much cheaper down there than here in norway! About 1/3 of the price. So we ate a lot of bread while we were there :) We headed out 10.30 am, to have a look at the old town of Alghero. 

I am so fascinated about the narrow streets they have in Italy. Some of them are so small, you can't drive a car through them. And after walking up a small street, you suddenly get to a nice little square, but large compared to the streets around. These squares was filled with restaurant, cafés and Gelato (Ice cream) shops. So nice. I felt like walking around a film set. So different from what we have here in Norway. 

We picked out a Pizzeria, sat down, and ordered one pizza menu each (A 1 foot pizza, salad and a coke for 10 euro). The pizza was gooood :) 

By now we were pretty exhausted, walked around for 5 hours. So we figure we should go home to take a swim in the sea and relax. 

Untill now I had been using Portra 400. So at this time, the afternoon of day one, I loaded the Ilford HP5+ 400. 

I brought my OM2 everywhere I went. Even in the supermarket. No problem shooting the two rolls I brought.  

My Father and Sister and I decided to take a evening walk down the beach promenade, and have a look at the market. Every evening between 5 pm and 12.30 am there is a market for local sellers. A good way to reach the tourists better. Especially the ones that got lost in the small streets in centrum :p And as always, I brought my camera. 

At the market, people didn't seem to care about me taking their photos. They just smiled and nodded. But some people in the old town were a little more skeptical. A guy even asked me if I was going to post the photo on Facebook :p

Day 2
Capocaccia lighthouse at the end of the mountain all the way to the left.

Was up a bit later this day, due to exhaustion last day. This was the day for a road trip in the Lancia. Not so much to say about this day. Drove north to Sassari. The biggst town in the north of Sardinia. The traffic was so crazy, even in the middle of the day. I couldn't find a free parking spot, so we went on and drove through some small nice villages. On our way back to Alghero we visited Capocaccia Lighthouse. A lighthouse we could see from our apartment (photo no. 2.). 

Another thing I have to say, is that Italians is crazy drivers. The worst thing is that after a while, I started driving like them myself. Especially in the city traffic. The flow is very different from what we have in Norway. Who ever gets into the junction first can drive :p And do not ever hesitate. 

This day we made our own dinner in the apartment. Fresh pasta with pesto. Very Italian, and very good. 

We had a little walk at the market this evening too. I figure this was a good place to take photos down there, so I visited the market every day. 

Day 3. 
this was the day for relaxation, due to even more exhaustion the day before. Some sun bathing on the beach. Ice cream and pizza consumption. 

For dinner this day I had suckling pig with roasted potatoes. A traditional Sardinian meal. Never tasted meat so tender before. A restaurant with sea and sunset view accompanied with accordion music and nice waiters.

Shot the last frame on the second and last roll this day.

Leaving Italy - Back to good old Norway
We didn't do much this day. Packing, cleaning the apartment, eat the rest of the food, and drink the rest of the coke and water. Plus a lot of waiting at the airport. 

Ryanair may be slow, but it's cheap :) 
On our way home - The Alps in France/Switzerland. #Ryanair

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