Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Shoot with film

Shooting film - Back to basic. 

The last couple of weeks, I have been shooting film exclusively . My Canon 7D sits safe in it's "digital" bag. I will use digital for school work because it's more convenient. 

Japan Camera Hunter (Bellamy Hunt).
Selling 10 slot film cases with assorted rolls.

For film I use my newly bought Olympus Om-2sp mainly with Zuiko 50mm F/1,8 for streets. I got it for a reasonably price, so I thought I should give the good old 35mm film a retry (I used film before I bought my first DSLR in 2005). Back to the roots of photography. Also, I have heard good things about the Om-2 and Zuiko lenses. A lot of photographers that shoot film have often used digital cameras for a while, and then they want to return to film. The reason is quiet simple. We want to slow things down, get back to the roots, and be more critical and aware of what we shoot
This is something I instantly noticed. I'm on my second roll now, and have been shooting for about two and a half week. This is a huge contrast to what things used to be.

Every day I came home from shooting, I hook up my camera to my computer, downloaded the photos, and started to browse the photos. Literally a several hundred photos from one day. 

Since I'm now on my second roll (Fujifilm Superia 24 exp.). That makes it about 50 photos in two and a half week (this is very few!). I can already tell that my shots are a lot better (just developed one roll). I have to think more before I take the shot. Plus, I also don't want to waste any film, which makes me even more critical before I actually take a shot. One reason to the few shots is that when I'm working on a project, I am more selective about whats interesting and not (more about this project later).

Another great thing about using film is that my photos can "marinate" for a while before I look at them. When I first look at them, after a while (developing plus I shoot several rolls before I send them to developing), it's like looking at some others photos. And then you get more critical to your own work

I guess the essence of this post is: Be critical to your own photos, and what you shoot. Get out there and take pictures every day you got the chance!

Take care.

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