Saturday, June 15, 2013

What's in my camera bag?

Thought I should do a quick post about what I got in my camera bag. As I said before, I've converted to 35mm film cameras for my street photography. Actually I got two bags. One for digital, and one for analog. This is about my analog bag. The digital bag, is not that interesting. But still, I think I'll keep my digital gear. At least for a while. Sometimes it's just required to have the images done the next day.

Anyway... My analog bag is something like this.


Olympus OM2sp with winder.
Yashica FR


Olympus 28mm F/2,8
Olympys 50mm F/1,8
Olympus 135mm F/2,8
Yashica 50mm


I've been using Fujifilm Superia 200. My next roll will be Kodak Portra 400. And Ilford HP5+ 400 for black and white.

The Olympus OM2.

Olympus OM2sp. Here with 50mm, 28mm and 135mm.
And four rolls of film

So this is my dear OM2sp. The way I got to know the OM2, was through a friend of mine, who also own a OM2sp. Some years ago, in high school (about 2007), I had the privilege to loan his camera. The first thing I noticed was the huge and bright view finder. I haven't seen anything like it before or after. It's like looking through a big shopping window:) At that time, I was all in to DSLR. I had just bought my second DSLR before I tried his OM2. So I was like "The view finder is so huge and nice, but its film...."My head was in the digital world. Plus I was working in a local paper at this time, so film was no option for my use.

One of the image from the first roll. Taken with the OM2

When I got in to street photography, I saw the benefits of using film. And got convinced by many street photographers. Especially Eric Kim. Who also is a huge source of inspiration for me.

I'm still a student, so I can't afford the street photographers dream camera, Leica M. I guess I had that view finder, and the feeling of the OM2 in the back of my head for some years.
Then it was time to start the hunt for a OM2. In Norway, the OM2s are pretty high priced. About $300-350 for a body and 50mm in good shape. And when I found this OM2sp with six lenses, winder and 10 filters. Everything in two camera suitcases, for $250, I had to have it.

The Olympus OM 2 with the OM lenses, film rolls,
Yashica FR and it's case.

I bought it from a photo enthusiast who had had it since it was new in 1985. Back then he gave $3500. Thats about $7500 in todays value! The camera and lenses is in almost mint condition, and I believe $250 was a good deal.

The winder is very fun to use. It makes so much noise when i shoot, that people turn around on the street :p When they see the camera, they smile at me (in a nice way).

The first roll with the OM2, was basically just for testing the camera. That the light meter works fine, and that everything is OK.

Low light test photo. ISO 200

My Father's Yachica FR

Yashica FR

When I was about 13 years old, my dad introduced me to his Yashica FR. This was my first experience with SRL, and I got hooked right away. Earlier I had been using a Canon Ixus digital compact camera. So my Father gave me a crash course with the basics of photography, and I was ready to shoot. I did shoot a couple of rolls, and realized it did cost money to take pictures. What was that all about? So here is where it all went wrong. I bought a DSLR...

I love this camera. The images has a nice vintage feel to them.

This is actually the very first photo I took with the Yashica.
Not that great :p But I guess the exposure isn't that bad.

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